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What’s the Fastest Growing Tree?

Savannah Georgia's many parks are filled with huge Southern Live Oaks covered with spanish Moss. Beautiful after a rain.Are you considering planting a new tree on your property? Do you want the tree for aesthetics? For shade? For the health of your yard? No matter your reasoning for wanting a new tree, planting a tree on your landscape is beneficial for your landscape’s ecosystem, the environment, and your property value. However, planting a new tree on your property involves patience as trees take years to reach their full size. For this reason, we have developed a list of some of the fastest growing trees in Texas’ environment!

1. Tipu Tree
Tipu trees are increasing in popularity for landscapers everywhere. Landscapers mainly recommend Tip Trees for their fast growing nature. Due to their dramatic growth spurts, Tipu Trees are able to provide necessary shade to their surrounding landscape incredibly quickly. Their large canopy makes them the perfect tree for any front or back yard. In addition, Tipu Trees are especially beautiful in the Spring due to their golden blooms. As far as maintenance, Tip Trees require only a limited amount of water, making them cheap and low in ongoing maintenance. In addition, their limited use of water allows them to react well to droughts.

2. Sissoo Tree
The Sissoo tree is native to the hot and dry regions of India, giving them the ability to survive in hot climates (perfect for Texas)! Not only do Sissoo trees thrive in the heat, they also grow quickly in height as well as density. They tend to have heavy populated branches with full leaves, which help provide a thick source of shade. In addition, Sissoo Trees tend to hold onto their leaves making them easy to clean up after. Planting a Sissoo Tree in your yard will give your yard the desired look quickly and keep your landscape looking its best well into the future.

3. Camphor Tree
If you’re searching for a beautiful, lush tree to sit in your front yard, a Camphor Tree is a great bet! A Camphor Tree tends to grow very quickly into a moderate height and lush coverage, giving it the ability to provide dense shade very quickly. It tends to thrive in a variety of soil types and weather. In addition, Camphor Trees never lose their leaves making them the perfect candidate for year round coverage. Its low maintenance qualities also make it the perfect candidate for an inexperienced landscaper.

Whether you want to plant a new tree for coverage, shade, or aesthetics, the quicker the tree reaches full development the better! Our experts at Good Morrow have the knowledge and experience to walk you through the best trees for the surrounding Houston area. For more information, give us a call today!

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