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What to Know When You Plant a Tree

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Planting a tree in your yard provides you with many benefits including increasing the value of your home, providing you with shade to cool your home and additional beauty to your yard. Planting a tree is one of the best rewards you can get for your property. If you are thinking about planting a new tree, here are some tips that you should know before you begin:

  1. Plant the Right Tree
    First, determine what kind of tree you want. What is the most important to you? Do you want to receive shade from your tree? Do you want a tree that grows quickly or a tree that reaps fruit or flowers? Picking out the right tree gets easier when you have deciphered what exactly you want. Deciding the most important qualities, soil types, appearance and benefits are all important to consider when planting. You should also consider your climate and temperature and research what kinds of trees thrive best in the area that you live in.
  2. Find the Right Location
    Where you plant your tree is an important part to planting. It also corresponds to the reason why you are planting. Are you planting it for shade, to add a focal point for your yard or to add privacy? The reason why you are planting a tree is a primary factor to where you should plant it. You should always ensure that the tree is not near any hazards that could injure it or prevent it from growing. The tree should also be exposed to enough sunlight to be able to grow. If you want shade, plant a tree on the west side of a building for the most energy savings.
  3. Know the Proper Planting Methods
    Trees respond best when they are planted in the fall. The fall provides them with the greatest amount of nutrients, time to grow and a surplus of water. When planting your tree, you should consider how the plant was grown in the nursery, the soil types and the availability of irrigation water. Before placing it in the ground, separate the roots so that they grow outward from the trunk. Don’t bury the trunk with the rest of the roots, or else it will eventually start to rot. Lastly, make sure that your tree is standing up straight so that it grows upright!

Planting a tree can seem like a large task, but once you get it planted properly, you will be happy with your decision! When it starts growing and thriving, that’s when you’ll have to start getting it trimmed and groomed.


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