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What is the Importance of Trees?

Savannah Georgia's many parks are filled with huge Southern Live Oaks covered with spanish Moss. Beautiful after a rain.

Trees provide us with many life essentials. Some of these essentials include food, oxygen, shelter, tools and medicine. They are very valuable to the earth and the ecosystem in many different ways. They satisfy many of our needs and benefit us in many ways. Here are some of the ways that trees contribute to our lives:

  1. Community and personal value
    Trees are a huge part of every community. They reside in parks, playgrounds, yards and in neighborhood streets. They bring a peaceful aspect to the environment and bring natural elements such as wildlife, fruits and vegetables. They also provide us with shade by blocking the sunshine, reducing air temperature and providing us with relief. They are natural air conditioners and allow us to enjoy time outside. Since there are hundreds of different kinds of trees and no tree is the same, we are provided with beautiful scenery wherever we go. Trees can set the reputation of towns and communities and affect the value of the town.
  2. Property and economic value
    Wood is one of the most used substances in construction and manufacturing due to its tough and sturdy structure. Without wood, we wouldn’t have some of life’s necessities like paper, floors, tools and food. The value of properties goes up when landscapes are well-maintained and groomed with trees, shrubs and flowers. The homes can increase up to 20% in value if the property has trees! Realtors have found that mature trees and excellent landscaping can have a significant appraisal value and can even be more valuable than home renovations. Economic benefits also include energy costs. Air conditioning costs are lower in a home that is surrounded and shaded with trees. Homeowners will pay lower electricity and energy bills when they have a natural source of air conditioning.
  3. Environmental value
    Believe it or not, trees help prevent soil erosion, flooding and landslides. Their roots hold the soil in place so that water is able to be absorbed. This is an important characteristic for mountainous and wet areas, since they act as buffers of protection. During photosynthesis, trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breathe. Without a population of trees, we would not be provided with enough oxygen and would not be able to breathe as easily. They intercept dust and unhealthy pollutants by filtering them from the air and disposing them on the ground. Wildlife is also very dependent on trees for their homes, their food and their protection. Many animals eat leaves, fruits and nuts that are produced from trees and their branches.

Trees are a huge part of our ecosystem. They are important in our lives and provide us with many benefits that we may not realize. We should take care of trees, since they take care of us.


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