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What Type of Firewood Makes the Best Fires?

Nothing is better on a cold night than snuggling by the fireplace, but which type of wood makes the best fire? There are a ton of choices available and each kind of wood has its own assortment of burning attributes. Here are some basic facts about the most popular types of firewood:

Birch Wood

This type of hardwood is probably the most attractive of firewoods. Birch wood burns very quickly and gives off a ton of heat. This type of wood is easy to find and is usually cheaper than others, but you will definitely go through your supply faster. Mix your birch wood with other woods to make a great combination.

Hard Maple Wood

This type of wood is mostly available in Canada and the northern parts of the U.S. Hard maple wood is very dense and heavy which causes it to burn a lot slower than others. Your supply will last longer and smell terrific.

Oak Wood

In the U.S., this type of wood is very plentiful and considered to be one of the best types of firewood. While oak wood is difficult to ignite, it provides a very hot and slow burning fire that is perfect for campfires.

Fir Wood

Fir wood is a great type of wood that provides medium heat and produces very little ash. Fir wood is easier to cut because it is softwood and produces a medium amount of sparking.

Pine Wood

This type of wood is very easy to cut and easy to ignite. While pine wood is widely available, it burns very quickly and doesn’t give off a lot of heat. Because this wood causes a lot of sparking, it is great for getting a fire started before switching to a hardwood.

Wood fires are a great addition to any camping trip or indoor get together. No matter what type of wood you choose for your fire, keep your wood in an outdoor area that is protected from weather to reduce moisture. Do you have questions about other types of firewood? Are you not sure how long to wait before using fresh cut wood for your fire? Contact Good Morrow today and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!


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