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The Importance of the Tree Removal Process

Buying a house is one thing, but having shade for the house as well as entertainment is another. If you have purchased a home and are lucky enough to have trees already planted, then you chose a good house. There may come a point that the trees have been there for a while and might need some simple TLC. It’s common for there to be confusion on how to maintain trees because men can easily get a little carried away with cutting them down if they aren’t sure what they are doing. At what point do the trees need to be trimmed? At what point have they reached their lifespan and need to be cut down? There are a few important things to consider during the process of any tree removal.

The most important thing is to check the health of the tree. If the tree is more than 50% damaged, then it’s safe to say it should be cut down. At that point, there isn’t a way to completely save the tree because of all of the issues that have happened over the years. A tree is typically in bad health or, more importantly, a hazard if it is leaning. When there is a lean factor to a tree, then it indicates a weakening of the roots and a possibility of tipping over sooner than expected. If the tree is not taken care of right away, then it can be harmful to your family or even your home.

Some tree trunks have decayed and gotten to a point where it isn’t beneficial to try to keep a tree alive. If a tree is struggling with growth and has a weak trunk, then the tree most likely won’t make it much longer. Since the trunk is the basic foundation of the tree, the health characteristics will show immediately, whether good or bad. Trunks can be difficult to remove, especially if the tree was planted multiple years ago. It’s vital to remove dead trunks as soon as possible so there aren’t any roots that continually grow and cause more chaos later on.

In addition to watching for the signs of removing a tree, learning how to trim a tree won’t hurt the process either. Tree branches can expand rapidly and need to be trimmed on a regular basis to look well-maintained. Any branch that is pointing down should be removed so the tree will continue to grow upward. Many people make the mistake of trimming incorrectly, so don’t be one of those people.

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