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The Importance of Keeping Large Trees Trimmed

There are innumerable benefits to having large trees on your property. If you have grand old trees, you already know that they each have their own personality and lend wonderful shade and texture to your yard. Perhaps the only downside is the yearly maintenance that you will need to do to ensure that they are healthy and safe for your home and family. Most large tree owners would agree that organizing a tree trimming service or taking time out to trim the trees themselves is well worth the positives that come with having these giants as company. We’ll give you information about why keeping your trees trimmed is important.

Keep Your Home and Garage Safe

Large trees pose a threat to any structure within a short distance, especially if the tree is sick or there is a large storm that damages the tree. Keeping a regular tree trimming service makes it less likely that a storm will pull off smaller branches or cause enough damage to a large, heavy limb that it will fall and damage your property even more. If you have trees that have grown out towards the structure of your home or your garage, make sure that you are keeping them as cut back as possible to reduce the danger to your family and the soundness of these buildings. You will also want to investigate how far your branches need to be from your power lines, as per the regulations in your specific area.

Make Sure Your Trees Are Healthy

Keeping your trees trimmed is also a good way to ensure their health. When trees get overburdened by heavy limbs, they can crack. Any crack in a tree is an invitation for insects and pests to get into the green, living tree. Of course, with pests eating away at the living wood, the tree will become less healthy and might even develop a fatal infestation. When trees are sound, they won’t run the same risk. If you have a professional trimming your trees for you, they can look specifically for diseases like blight that can go unnoticed by the novice eye.

Keep Your Property Looking Beautiful

Overgrown trees are also an issue when it comes to the beauty of your yard. If you have trees with nice shaping, your whole property will look better cared for. You can often hire the same people to make your trees and bushes look symmetrical and pruned. Look into tree trimming after your plants have bloomed and you won’t damage the tree while it is in a vulnerable state.

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