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The Disadvantages of Tree Clearing

Deforestation environmental damageSometimes trees are in the way of our construction dreams like a house on a hill or the expansion of a business into wooded property. Other times, trees can be problematic, contributing to the widespread damage of your yard or even home. Often, trees are just ugly and we want nothing to do with them. For example, mesquite trees are common, unpopular, and widely regarded as hideous.

Unfortunately, tree clearing without regard contributes to a number of widespread problems. These problems are damaging the world we live in and the property we own in a number of huge ways. The following are 3 reasons that you should consider tree trimming, plant shaping, or even leaving trees alone instead of removing them. If you need to remove trees for very important reasons, then you should be aware of the disadvantages of the process.

1. Flooding

Believe it or not, deforestation–widespread tree removal–leads to flooding problems. While removing trees does not necessarily cause or worsen flooding, a lack of trees makes a flood’s effects more widespread and serious. Trees absorb a large amount of water and also act as natural flood barriers. They hold the soil and prevent it from running and are often heavy enough to block or at least slow the spread of excess water. This excess water that is allowed to spread without restriction can damage homes, vehicles, and nutrient-rich topsoil.

Climate change concept.
2. Climate Change

The loss of trees is a serious contributor to widespread climate change. Trees absorb greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere and prevent them from damaging the atmosphere. For example, trees breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is a major reason why humans and trees coexist so perfectly. Also, trees absorb warm air to cool the environment and even reduce the effects of pollution.

Take for example the palm oil industry. Many Asian farms that produce palm oil have deforested large areas in order to plant young palms. This deforestation has led to climbing temperatures and lingering pollution around these farms. Sea levels and climate patterns are negatively effected by even small amounts of deforestation.

3. Soil Damage

Because trees anchor the soil with their great roots, deforestation allows loose soil to be carried away by rain, wind, and human activity. Because soil contains nutrients that edible and non-edible plants depend on, the loss of soil has highly negative effects on the plant and animal kingdoms.

Unfortunately, leaving trees alone is not always possible. While hiring tree pruning and shaping services is always preferable to removing trees, some carry plant diseases, fungi, and pests like termites that can spread to an entire yard. Sometimes trees are unsafe, like when they grow over the roofs of buildings or too close to power lines. Also, certain construction projects require that the land be cleared of trees where the foundation will be. In these cases, we recommend that you contact us or another group of tree clearing experts to perform the job safely and effectively with minimal damage to the surrounding area. If you remove trees, always try to replace them with new, young plants so that nature can recover and the negative effects of flood damage, climate change, and soil loss do not occur.

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