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The Best Time to Prune Your Trees

It’s a good thing that the sunshine and mild weather gives people a boost of energy when spring comes, because with the warmth also brings lots of chores. Spring has long been associated with renewal in various countries, so it makes sense that “spring cleaning” is also widespread. Cleaning up your yard in the spring is a great idea because it’s the time when plants and trees are best trimmed. Here are some of the reasons.

Tree Growth Period

Trees are remarkable in their ability to survive harsh winters. The go into a dormant state that helps them conserve their energy for the spring growth period. Getting your tree trimming done in late winter or early spring ensures that the “wound” you create when you cut off branches will only be exposed for a short period of time before the tree starts repairing it during the growing season. Unlike humans, who can regrow skin cells or hair virtually all the time, the seasons drastically impact how well a tree can regenerate.

Fighting Bacterial Infections

Lots of trees that flower in the spring and early summer are susceptible to diseases. Fireblight and other bacterial infections are transmitted when trees are trimmed too late in the year. The wound of the tree has to completely dry out in order to prevent tree illnesses. Not all trees are sensitive to fireblight, but oaks are susceptible to oak wilt when they’re cut after March.

The Time for Action

Another reason why spring is a good time to trim your trees is that many¬†tree trimming¬†professionals are already gearing up for lots of contracts. It’s easy to get a great service like ours any time of the year, but if you and your neighbors all need pruning done at the same time, you can be sure that your whole neighborhood will be healthy and look great for the growing season. You might be able to get you and your neighbor’s property done around the same time, so that the chainsaw noise will only be a fixture for a couple days at the same time!

Before the Storms

If you get your pruning done early enough, you will avoid the April showers issue. Thunderstorms are notorious for cracking limbs off trees, which can ruin your house or anything else beneath them. Pruned trees will have more balanced weight distribution and no damaged limbs that have a good chance of falling down. Why put off hiring a landscaper when there is so much incentive to get it done early and right?

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