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Summer Tree Service Tips

Man mowing the lawn. Gardening. Freetime activitySummer means sunshine, pool parties, and barbecues! However, while you’re finally defrosting from the brutal winter and enjoying the sun, your landscape could potentially be suffering from the dramatic change in weather. As a homeowner, you need to be sure that while the weather conditions are changing so is your landscape caring routine. At Good Morrow Tree Services, we are knowledgeable in the best caring solutions for all seasons and landscape types. This summer, protect your beautiful landscape with these special care tips:

How to Water Your Trees Throughout Summer
Throughout the summer, because the weather is hot and dry, it’s important to regularly water your trees and lawn. With that being said, pick a time once a week where you reserve an hour to water the landscape surrounding your property. By water your trees once a week, you’ll reduce mortality of the plants in your garden. In addition, each time you water, try to use at least 15 gallons of water. Although 15 gallons is a solid general figure, the amount of water you should be using will change depending on soil type and tree species.

Summer Landscape Care To-Do List
In order to conserve as much moisture for your landscape as possible, be sure to use organic mulch. This includes organic materials such as wood chips and bark. These materials, placed about 2-4 inches deep, will help conserve soil moisture and lower the temperature. If you have a tree planted near pavement, organic mulch holds even more importance as pavement dramatically increases the temperature of the area. In addition, to help with cooling and absorption, water your trees in the late evening and at night. This will help replace all water that’s lost in the day and will also help reduce evaporation.

While you’re out enjoying the beautiful summer weather, don’t let your landscape, garden, or trees fall victim to the summer sunshine! For more information on the best summer landscape care tips, give Good Morrow Land Services a call!

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