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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Trees and Shrubs

Spring is finally coming! If that prospect doesn’t fill you with joy, it’s either because you love winter or it’s because you’re dreading having to clean up your yard. Snow is convenient for those not enthralled with yard work because it blankets everything, conveniently covering up any autumn laziness. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can get on the road to having a tidy and gorgeous yard full of well-trimmed trees and shrubs. This post gives you a checklist of tree service tasks to keep your property looking well maintained.

Pruning Trees for Safety and Appearance

When the spring comes, leaves begin to fill in the trees that have been scraggly skeletons all winter. When your trees have leaves on them, it will begin to be apparent whether or not they’re pruned. Pruning trees before they bud is important. If you chop off a tree after budding, it’s more problematic for the tree and can lead to disease or other injury to the tree.

Another reason to get your trees pruned regularly is that they can become a safety hazard. If branches get too close to power lines, you run the risk of the branches breaking off and hitting them. Trees that grow near structures like houses and garages can fall in storms and cause irreparable damage. When branches are cut off, it keeps trees’ weight evenly distributed. This makes them more attractive to look at and safer for people to walk around.

From Topiaries to Flowering Shrubs

Getting a tree service to trim your tree branches and sculpt your shrubs can make a big difference in how your neighbors and visitors see your yard. Because the tone of your home is set by the exterior, making sure that your yard is kept up is a big responsibility for a homeowner who wants to ensure that their property stays valuable. Shrubs can be trimmed to stay in regular, symmetrical shapes.

If you have certain types of dense bushes, you can even request that your shrubs be cut into fun shapes. Topiaries can range from animals like rabbits and fish to geometric patterns. If you want to add a dash of whimsy to your yard for the new spring season, have us come out to take a look at what can be done with your specific plants.

It’s easier to get this type of maintenance done by professionals because you don’t need to worry about cleaning up afterwards, hauling green stuff to a designated recycling center, or obtaining the tools yourself.

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