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Spring Blooming Fruit Trees

Everyone loves the start of Spring- flowers are blooming, the sun is peeking out, schools getting let out for summer, and most importantly fresh fruit start to bloom ! Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy your property’s landscape. This Spring, while you’re outside soaking in the weather, make sure you’re also enjoying your fruit trees. Follow our guideline below to make your fruit trees as productive as possible:

Picking the Right Soil:
Although many environments can grow fruit trees, placing your tree in the right kind of soil can ensure a healthier growth and more productive season. For the most part, the best soil for fruit trees have good drainage systems and are plentiful in nutrients. You’ll want the soil to have a sandy, loamy texture so the soil is able to support the deep root system associated with many fruit trees. Trees surrounded by areas without tons of soil tend to have stunted growth due to a lack in nutrients.

In order to properly harvest a fruit tree, you’ll either need a tree that is self pollinating (both male and female flowers are on the same plant) or you’ll need to plant two different varieties of the same tree so they’re able to cross pollinate. Without taking pollination into consideration you’ll just end up with nothing but blooms. (Trees that are self-pollinators are peaches and citrus trees, among others).

Location is Everything:
For most species of fruit trees, you want them to be placed in an area where they receive full sun for 6 or more hours per day. The sunlight helps the tree go into photosynthesis and create enough energy to produce fruit. In addition, you want to make sure the ground is ready for a tree to be planted there. Because trees like soil with more nutrients, you want to make sure there isn’t’ clay beneath the soil’s surface. If there is a clay layer, you’ll need to break through it so it’s easier for the tree as it grows for place its roots further into the ground.

Don’t let another gorgeous Spring go to waste! Start planting your spring fruit tree collection for your lawn today!

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