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Signs that It’s Time to Remove a Tree

Trees are amazing, and they can offer a lot to a landscape design. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and it is the same with trees. If you have been struggling with a tree on your property and have wondered whether or not it is a good idea to remove it, a professional can help. The following is a list of signs the experts look for before moving ahead with a tree removal service:

  • Dead branches: Sometimes branches die without the tree being in any real danger. Clipping off these dead branches here and there can help keep your tree healthy and beautiful. In some cases, this pruning can be very beneficial to your tree. Now, if you are seeing a large number of dead limbs, then something more serious is probably going on. Most trees can lose a few branches here or there, but a large number at one time is very atypical, and could mean it is time to remove the tree altogether.
  • Lack of buds: Each spring, new leaves and branches will sprout from the buds you see on the branches. If there are not buds, then it means there will be no new growth. This is not a good sign. In most cases, a complete lack of buds means the tree is on its way out. If you have noticed this, then give the professionals a call so they can do some deeper investigating.

  • Thin leafage: If you are noticing that the leaves on your tree are a lot thinner than usual, then it means that your tree is fighting something. The energy and resources of the tree are being expended in other areas, making it cut back on leaf production. Brown edges on all the leaves is another leaf sign that points to danger.
  • Signs of bug infestations: There have been a lot of bug infestations in trees over the last few years. Entire forests were taken down by Japanese beetles about 5 years ago. Many orchards struggle yearly with tree bores. If your tree is showing signs of a bug infestation, it may be possible to treat the problem and get rid of the bugs; but in many cases, even that can’t save a tree if the infestation is severe. If too much damage has already been done, the tree will likely need to be removed.
  • Signs of root rot: The roots are the base of the tree and the source of all its food and strength. If something goes wrong with the roots, then it will not be long before the entire tree goes down. A lack of growth, problems on the bark, and major leaning are all signs that something is amiss with the roots. If you notice any of these things, then you need to have the tree removed before it can damage your property.


If you are seeing any of these signs, make sure to contact a tree-removal expert as soon as possible to avoid the problems that a dead tree can cause.

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