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Signs a Tree Needs to be Removed

Broken living tree from HurricaneWe know that you love your trees. They add so much beauty to your yard and property. Unfortunately, they can also be very dangerous. If a tree falls improperly, they can damage buildings and harm people. However, it can be very difficult to know if and when you need to remove a tree. Make sure that you are aware of these signs so that you can call a trained crew to remove it when it is necessary.

Signs of Death and Sickness

Check your trees for any leaves dying and falling before they are supposed to. If your leaves are falling in the middle of spring or dead branches are beginning to fall off. These are signs that the tree is severely sick and could be dying. If this is the case, consult an arborist and consider removing the tree.

Be aware if you see a large amount of conks or fungi growing from the tree. If your tree is showing obvious signs of decay and rot, it is best to remove the tree as soon as you can.

Leaning to One Side

While some trees naturally grow so that they are leaning, sometimes leaning can be unnatural. Often trees begin to grow heavily on one side. This extra growth on one side can make one side heavier, forcing the tree to uproot. The uprooting of a tree will make it very easy for it to fall down and damage property. Often, the tree may be able to be balanced through pruning and tree trimming. However, if you notice major uprooting, it could be too late to save the tree and it will need to be removed as soon as possible.

Multiple Trunks or Split Trunks

If your tree has a split trunk very close to the base, this means that the tree is not very sturdy. We often see trees such as these fall down during storms and high winds. There are certain things that can be done to make the tree sturdier, but they are often temporary options and there is nothing that can be done to bind the trunks together. For safety purposes, the tree should probably be removed.

Struck By Lightning

Sometimes a tree can survive being struck by lightning. However, that is not often the case. If you notice that your tree has been split by lightning or pieces have exploded off, it is very unlikely that the tree can survive.

When it is time to remove your tree, make sure that you have a trained expert crew removing the tree. Tree removal can be very difficult and the results can be disastrous if it isn’t done correctly. Sometimes teams can damage the property that you were trying to protect. Make sure that the team is also skilled in stump grinding so that no ugly stumps will be left in your yard after the tree has been removed. Tree removal is an important part of tree care. While we love trees, sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree to protect you and your community.


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