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Removing Dead Trees from Your Property

Two men are grubbing tree roots at the rural garden.Trees on your property can offer shade, beauty, and sometimes even fruit at certain times of the year. However, high winds, extreme weather, bugs, and even disease can damage or kill a tree in a moment’s notice. Once a tree has died, it is a good idea to look into tree removal, and here are a few reasons why.

Dead Trees Can Be Hazardous

Not only do dead trees topple over more easily because they are more brittle, but branches may also blow or fall off at any given time, causing thousands of dollars worth damage to your home and property. People and animals can be seriously injured by being hit by falling branches, and you may be held responsible if it happens on your property.

Nearby power lines can also be damaged by dead trees and branches falling over in the event of a storm. This could result in loss of power to you and your neighbors, which would pose problems to those who depend on electricity for medical or other issues.

Dead Trees Attract Pests

Rats, carpenter ants, and termites don’t care if your tree is dead or alive. They will take advantage of the opportunity to make a home there, and they may even make the short journey into your home as well. Wood boring insects multiply quickly, putting your other trees at risk for infestation, which may lead to them dying as well.

Dead Trees are Unattractive

If you pride yourself on having an attractive yard with beautiful landscaping, you know that a dead tree will stick out like a sore thumb. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time and money on your landscaping, curb appeal can mean a higher price tag when it comes time to sell your home. By removing any dead trees, your home will maintain its curb appeal, which will probably be very appreciated by your neighbors as well.

If you have a dead tree on your property, give us a call at Good Morrow Land Services LLC. We specialize in removing dead trees and keeping your property looking beautiful.

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