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Perfect Guide to Tree Planting

Are you looking to add some foliage to your landscape? We are here to help make sure you do it right! Here at Good Morrow Land Services, we know that a tree is more than just a plant. Growing a tree on your property adds beauty to your outdoor space, provides shade from the sun and emits oxygen into your environment. Throughout its lifetime, a tree may enjoy generations of cheerful tree-climbers, childhood tire swings and even the gift of bearing fruit. With all of this potential activity, we must make sure we plant and care for it the correct way! Follow these steps to ensure that your tree grows up to be strong and healthy.

1. Choose a Spot

When picking the placement for your tree, try to stay at least fifteen feet away from any pavements, like the sidewalk or your driveway. Also, consider power lines and other overhead obstacles that may be present. Once you find the ideal spot, mark it and then measure the size of your tree’s root ball. You will want to dig a hole about three times wider than the diameter of the tree root ball.

2. Let’s Get Digging

Start by measuring the height of your tree’s root ball. You will want to dig the hole about two inches less than the height. This is an important step, since anything deeper will cover the root flare. Use a pointed shovel to make it easier to cut through the ground.

3. In Comes the Tree

Once you have carved out the perfect hole, your tree is ready to position! This process will be much easier if you recruit a friend to help. Your helper can rotate the tree slowly until you find the way you want it to face. Now, you are prepared to remove the wire casing from the root ball. This is done best with a pair of bolt cutters.

4. Fill the Hole

Now that your tree is in the perfect position, it is time to support it with the right soil. You will want to mix fertilizer and superphosphate into the soil to promote healthy tree growth. Now that the soil is ready, start shoveling! When the hole is full, create a border of soil around the perimeter of the filled hole and fill the perimeter with water. Once the water soaks in, smooth out the dirt.

5. Keep Your Tree Hydrated

One key product that keeps your tree well fed is bark mulch. Spread a layer of mulch around the tree, but away from the trunk, to maintain moisture in the soil. After that, you are all done! For upkeep, just be sure to water your tree every day for at least six weeks.

As you can see, the tree planting process can be easy and fulfilling! As your tree grows, you will be able to enjoy watching it climb to the sky. You can admire its beauty and shade and feel good about adding another life-giving tree to the planet. For expert tips on planting and upkeep, contact Good Morrow Land Services! We look forward to helping you beautify your property.


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