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Maintaining and Caring for Older Trees

An Arborist Cutting Down a Maple Tree Piece by PieceAn old tree can be like an old friend. Years of shade and beauty should not go unappreciated. Just like young trees that need tender care, older established trees also need care in order to stay healthy. Learn how to properly care for your older trees so that they can live out their full life span. Here are some important steps to properly care for the mature trees on your property.

Water Properly

The best thing that you can do for your mature trees is to water them properly. Older trees need deep watering. Monthly deep watering is recommended for most trees when there are no heavy, soaking rains. It is a good idea to keep sprinklers from spraying the trunk of your tree directly and to keep competing plants away from your tree. Leave the root crown properly exposed and keep plants like ivy or lawn away from your tree.

Prune Them

Pruning is an important part of keeping a tree healthy. Trimming old trees may also be important in protecting your home and property. Overgrown trees are more prone to damage in wind or storms and damaged trees can lead to damaged property.

It may be difficult for you to properly trim a large mature tree yourself, but a tree trimming service can perform the task for you. If your tree is trimmed improperly, it can lead to a decline in health, which is another reason it is better to have a professional service prune your trees. “Topping” a tree, where the top portion of the tree is removed, is a harmful practice and not the proper way to trim a tree.

Watch for Diseases and Pests

If you see signs of fungal infection or pests on your tree you should call a professional to come evaluate and treat your tree if necessary. The sooner a disease or an infestation is caught, the easier it will be to restore your tree to health. If you wait too long, it may be difficult or even impossible to save your mature tree.

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