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Important Safety Reasons to Hire a Tree Cutting Service

Ladder to heavenWe all have a few individuals to thank for keeping our homes beautiful, shady, lush, and valuable: trees. Why not thank them for their service by providing them with a service of their own? Treat your tall, leafy friends to their version of a spa day: tree cutting service in Houston, which keeps them trimmed, neat, and beautiful, as well as removes dead limbs, growth-restricting branches on the low trunks of trees, and growths that approach power lines, your roof, and other places they should not go.

Many people might think it brave to perform these services on their own trees. We just think this is irresponsible, if not downright dangerous. The following is a list of safety precautions against performing tree cutting on your own and without proper training:

  • Most trees are notable for their height, which means that in a slip-up or misstep, you have a long way to fall. Most people do not have the equipment to secure themselves while pruning a tree, nor do they have access to lifts and other machinery that can safely lift workers up to high elevations.
  • If even small leaves of your tree touch a power line or other electricity source, the entire plant will be a shock hazard. Professionals know the importance of evaluating trees for risks before setting up a ladder and scaling right up.
  • Professionals in tree trimming also know the dangers that even minor weather disturbances can cause when servicing trees. Light winds and rain can make the entire job extremely dangerous. Needless to say, lightning, serious rain, or ice could turn servicing a tree into a suicide mission.
  • Pruner agricultural workerThe amount of physics behind tree services may surprise you. Professionals, unlike most laypeople, know how to assess the angles at which branches, limbs, and entire trees will fall. One cannot simply assume that a tree or its components will fall away from you while you are cutting, nor can you predict that you will avoid dropping weight on a car, your home, or an individual on the ground simply by facing away from these areas while working.
  • Chainsaws, chippers, and other equipment needed to properly service trees are not only dangerous, they are downright deadly. Without proper training, protective outfits, and careful use, serious injury or death can occur. Not only can these disasters occur, they do. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has recorded that over 30,000 serious injuries from use of these machines occur annually.

It is not worth the pride of doing this work yourself to risk property damage, serious injuries, death, or harming someone else. The safest option, one that we can guarantee will provide better results, is to hire a professional tree cutting service to do this work on your behalf.

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