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Hiring a Professional Tree Service Company

If you’ve recently purchased a home with an extensive yard and large trees or you are simply re-assessing the amount of yard work you want to be doing in your spare time, you are likely confused about how you should go about communicating your needs to a professional and what criteria you should use to select a tree service. Without inside knowledge about trees’ needs and how to prune them in the best way to ensure their longevity, you might not feel that you are in the best position to hire a reliable contractor. We’ll help you identify the ways that you can talk to and find the best landscaping business for your needs.

Measure and Investigate Your Yard

To begin with, it’s a good idea to get an idea of the number and types of trees you have in your yard, so that you can communicate with a possible tree service in more detail over the phone or through email. Take a quick survey and identify the types of trees based on their size, the color of bark, and what type of leaves they have. Of course, you can tell the tree type easily if they are fruiting and producing the characteristic nuts or fruit that they are named for.

Note any issues with the trees. Do they look sickly? Are there any dead sections? Fixing these types of problems will be extra maintenance and might require a service to bring special equipment.

Look for Quotes and Estimates

Most tree contractors will provide you with a free quote as to how much they will charge per month or year for their services. You can compare estimates between several different companies and take the one that seems the most reasonable. Make sure to ask what type of equipment they use and when they can come that doesn’t interfere with your schedule. You won’t want someone using a chainsaw near your bedroom window on a weekend morning!

Find a Company with a Good Reputation

The surest way to be satisfied with a company’s service is to pick professionals that have been in business for a respectable number of years and have previous customers with lots of good things to say about them. Make sure to check the company’s reputation online and ask around in your area to see which contractors your neighbors are hiring and happy with. With these considerations down, you will feel confident knowing that you are taking care of your trees and hiring a knowledgeable professional who gives you great service.

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