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Early Spring Tree Maintenance Tips

Good Morrow Land Services LLC_February_Early Spring Tree Maintenance Tips1When spring arrives, overdue warm temperatures and clear skies follow. Most people are happy as the chilly winter passes.

Springtime is notable as nature’s regrowth period: wildflowers bloom, brown grass becomes brilliant green again, and bare tree limbs sprout new leaves in response to the freshly sunny atmosphere. Of course, this sudden spurt of plant growth is exciting, but it can prove problematic for homeowners.

In spring, it is important to hunt down an affordable tree service to tend to your revitalized plant life. Here are a few tips for homeowners looking to tend to their spring trees:

  • First of all, hire a professional. Working with trees requires dangerous equipment and you can find yourself running into underground pipes or power lines. Save yourself the time and potential medical bills by hiring experts with professional training.
  • Do not confuse bare limbs for dead ones. Dry, leafless limbs may simply be hibernating. Professionals can usually determine which bare limbs are actually dead and which ones deserve a chance to recover.
  • Because spring is the wet season in many regions of the country, pruning dead components of trees is essential. Dead segments are more likely to detach during heavy winds and rain, which can lead to property damage or even personal injury.
  • Because rodents and insects tend to hibernate for the winter, you may need to check your tree trunks for signs of destructive burrowing.
  • Springtime is the perfect opportunity to “train” tree limbs, or shape them so that they retain an attractive, natural shape as they grow.
  • Spring isn’t just high season for your precious plants; fungi also follow. This means that a comprehensive check for Spanish moss and other common tree parasites may be in order.

Good Morrow Land Services LLC_February_Early Spring Tree Maintenance Tips2

  • Remember that pruned trunks may need to be wrapped to prevent infections and allow trees to recover from traumatic limb removals.
  • Dangerous ants and termites will become more active in the spring, so you will need to guard your trees properly against the incoming pest invasion.
  • Without proper watering, you will limit your trees’ natural growth patterns. The sudden output of new leaves, limbs, and reproductive structures (flowers, nuts, etc.) will require much more moisture than usual.
  • Adding mulch offers additional water retention for your trees. In addition, it prevents the growth of competing plants like grasses and weeds.

While you could certainly perform all of these tasks yourself, relying on the expert helping hands of a professional tree service not only keeps you from breaking a sweat, it ensures the highest level of care for your plant life. Trees are incredibly important to the beauty, comfort, and value of your home; give them the expert care they deserve, lest decades of life and growth be lost.

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