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Different Land Clearing Methods

Man with chainsaw cutting the treeNo matter what type of land, the task of land clearing can be long and hard. From debris to weeds to dirt, land clearing is a broad subject, and there are many different ways to go about it. Depending on the land that needs to be cleared and what exactly needs to be cleared from it, the best method for land clearing in Houston will be chosen. Do not try these methods yourself, as they can be dangerous, and most require the operation of heavy equipment. Here are some examples of land clearing methods.


This is one of the most common land clearing methods. Trees will be pushed over and hauled away. They will then be processed and ground into mulch material or for sale as a whole.

Cut and Grind

This method starts by cutting trees down until there are only stumps left. The stumps are then either ground into mulch or removed completely.


A less common land clearing method, some will haul a chainsaw to the site and clear trees with it. The trees will then be hauled away. The issue with this method is that stumps are left and will need to be removed somehow. This is a method that is attempted by many who are not land clearing specialists. They usually will end up needing to hire a land clearing specialist anyway to remove the stumps.

Debris Clearing

Sometimes, there is no need to clear trees or large bushes, but large amounts of debris may need to be cleared. Professionals of land clearing in Houston have the tools to get this done quickly and efficiently, leaving no trace of debris. The land is cleared and fresh to work with and make new.

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