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Benefits of Planting in the Fall

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Many people think that the fall is the end of the growing season. This couldn’t be more false! Fall is an ideal season for planting trees, shrubs and plants. For trees to grow and thrive, they need root growth. The fall supports good root growth, because of the soft ground and cooling temperatures. The root systems are enabled to grow during the fall and spring and before the harsh summer approaches. September through November is the perfect time to plant trees because the roots are able to begin growing before the frost hits and the ground freezes. The cooler and wetter the weather, the more perfect the time. With precipitation, the trees are provided with endless nutrients so the roots develop faster, and you don’t have to water as much.

Along with planting new trees in the fall, you should also start pruning dead and diseased branches. Diseased trees can spread to other trees around it, and cause them to die too. You should also remove their fallen leaves as soon as possible, because this can disease the area around it and spread quickly. By removing these leaves and limbs as soon as you can, you prevent further problems from occurring in the spring when the trees start blooming again. To keep your young trees healthy and continuing to grow, you should mulch them during the fall. They will then have fresh mulch that protects them from the harsh winter.

Fall is the perfect time to plant new trees and plants! It is not only good for them, but you’ll also be happy that you won’t have to labor in the hot summer heat.


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