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3 Common Pests that Can Kill Your Trees

beetle wood louse in natureWhen you’ve spent years watching the trees in your yard grow, we know that the last thing you want is for an infestation of harmful pests to suddenly and stealthily destroy them. Here are 3 types of pests that can do an awful lot of damage if you aren’t paying attention to your trees and taking preventive measures, such as dead wood removal.


Several varieties of beetles are borers that can quickly take over trees, tunneling and feeding at a rate that destroys trees. While some beetles typically stick to already stressed or damaged trees, others can take down otherwise healthy trees. An outbreak of southern pine beetles, for example, can result in the deaths of many kinds of trees (all species of pines) within a relatively short period of time.


Ants are known for their strength and efficiency and may turn their energy on your trees with disastrous results. Every year, Texas leaf-cutting ants take out acres of trees through defoliation and other damage. An ant population can kill a tree in a matter of days. Seedlings are particularly susceptible and aren’t likely to survive if they are planted in infested areas.


Though many varieties of caterpillars have little to no harmful physical effect on their home, others have the ability to seriously damage trees. One of the biggest problem species is the forest tent caterpillar. These pests cause tree defoliation, which affects tree growth and can eventually become a more deadly problem. Target trees include blackgum and some types of oak.

If you experience an infestation of insects or any other type of pest, we encourage you to seek professional help immediately to contain the problem and save as many trees as you can. Services likeĀ dead wood removalĀ will protect your yard from what could be an extensive amount of damage.

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