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Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a prior client of Good Morrow Land Services LLC and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below


“Excellent service from start to finish. Norbert came out to look at my trees in the morning. He said they had a crew in the area and could finish everything that very day - which they did!”

—Wes W.; Home Advisor, Feb. 2015

“I believe I was contacted by them on a Tuesday made my decision on Saturday morning. they came out the same morning and completed the job before 3 pm. they cut down, grind out the stumps and hauled them away, 3 trees more than 3 stories tall”

—Phil C.; Home Advisor, Feb. 2015

“Amazing job. Very fast and efficient. The two oak trees look beautiful after they were trimmed.”

—Terry W.; Angie’s List, Jan. 2015

“It went fine. We were very satisfied. They did a good job. They did what they said they were going to do. They came out within a reasonable amount of time when we purchased it.”

—Dianne B.; Angie’s List, Jan. 2015

“They cut down four very large trees and trimmed two other ones. They also ground up my stumps and spread the sawdust around all the other plants and trees. They got here at 8:30 AM one, left about 4:30 PM and came again the next day at 8:30 AM to grind the stumps. I think they may have been a little high, but I am completely satisfied with their work.”

—Dana C.; Angie’s List, Jan. 2015

“Ground up Talon trees behind my fence line of 14 feet. He finished the job and I had 2 feet from the forest and my fence line. Good job and not easy work. He also, had me walk the area and adjusted some of the clearing to make me happy.”

—Sally V.; Angie’s List, Jan. 2015

“The lead man on the job, Hector, was very knowledgeable! He even asked if I wanted to save a squirrel nest with 2 babies in it. Great job on the trimming and removal of an old dying Willow”

—Sherri L.; Home Advisor, Dec. 2014

“I used a deal from Angies list and everything went very well. After I purchased the deal online they were very prompt contacting me. They called and set a time to come give me an estimate. He came by on time and gave me the estimate and the tree trimming crew was out that afternoon to do the job. They did an excellent job, cleaned up the mess and charged me exactly what the estimate said. They (both the supervisor who gave me the estimate and the guys doing the trimming) were extremely polite and professional. I was very satisfied with the work they did.”

—Linda M.; Angie’s List, Nov. 2014

From the time I contacted for this work to the time it was completed was less than 24 hours. Norbet came to my home and we talked in detail about what I wanted done and he pointed out things that I wasn't aware of. We talked about some additional work that would be needed and we agreed on a fair price for the complete job.The very next morning he had a full crew outside and working. They were very quick and knew exactly what needed to be done and what was agreed on. Within in a very short time the work was completed and they did an excellent job cleaning up all of the cuttings. I am very pleased with the price for such professional work and I will definitely use Good Morrow Land Services again, they are highly recommended.

—Keith G.; Angie’s List, Sept. 2014

“They were SUPER fast! Very impressed and pleased with the work.”

—Bracken C.; Home Advisor, Sept. 2014

The reason the price is so high is that they cut down a dying 60 ft tree and trimmed every tree on my lot. We have a lot of trees. The trees had never been trimmed in the 12yrs that we have lived in the house. Now the place looks fantastic. You would never know the difference until it is done. From my research online, the price was in the ballpark of other tree services. These guys do it right and they know what they are doing. It's a good idea to get someone who actually knows about trees. You can get a lower price, but when it come to cutting down trees, it's a good idea to get someone with insurance and experience. This is the 2nd time I have used their services. The first time they cut down an 80 ft pine that was struck by lightning. These guys are good!

—Mark F.; Angie’s List, Oct. 2014

“We contacted them online Friday night and he called Saturday morning and came to do the estimate within 2 hours because we had plans later in the day. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. My husband, a company owner his self, was very impressed with his work ethic and professionalism. We called back and asked if they could do the work and had planned for the job to start on Monday. Later Saturday, we received a call and he said he could start the job that day and finish on Monday. We had not left a check because we were not expecting them to start till Monday, but they started anyway stating we could leave the check Monday. They did a great job with the work also. We had 10 trees removed, and if not for the heavy equipment tracks which had been smoothed over you would not even know that 10 trees had been downed. They cleaned very well leaving our yard as well as our neighbors very clean. Would not hesitate to use their services again.”

—Natalie W.; Angie’s List, Sept. 2014

“Quick, professional would recommend! Insured and bonded!”

—Simon B.; Home Advisor, Sept. 2014

“The company arrived on time as scheduled and quickly proceeded to cut and remove the two large trees contracted to be removed. Difficult removal was easily managed by these workers. One damaged area to our wooden deck was repaired the following day! All debris was cleaned and removed. At our request some wood was cut to lengths for burning in our fireplace this winter. All in all, we were very satisfied with the work and price.”

—Jim T.; Angie’s List, Sept. 2014

“Great service! Fast and efficient. Great cleanup!”

—Christi R.; Home Advisor, Sept. 2014

“They were really professional, the guy climbed the tree, cut limbs in sections and people on the ground cleaning it all up. The price was right.”

—Barbara S.; Home Advisor, Sept. 2014

“I put in the request to Home Advisor at 10:30 am and my tree was removed, stump ground and all debris removed by 3:30 pm. All workers were very nice and very professional! I would definitely use Good Morrow Tree service again, and recommend them to others!”

—Alison B.; Home Advisor, July 2014

“Hector and his crew did a great job taking down a large tree that was in a difficult position between two houses, over my roof and some power lines. They were thorough and it looks great. Felipe was good enough to consider the other bids I had received. He made me a great offer and did the work the same day. They were all very knowledgeable and very friendly. I will definitely recommend them to others!”

—Angela W.; Home Advisor, Jan. 2015

“I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of Norbert Solis. He came to my house quickly and took the time to carefully explain everything that should be done for my trees at a very reasonable price. HIs crew arrived on time and completed the job of removing 2 trees and trimming 7 other trees very fast and efficiently and left my yard very clean. I will recommend them to all my friends, family and neighbors.”

—Robert G.

“They were here within 15 minutes of calling for a quote. I had two other companies coming for a quote so I did not want to do anything immediately, but they were so professional and positive. A second company came five minutes after they left, the difference was remarkable. They were complaining constantly about how hard this was going to be to do. I already knew it was going to be hard to do. After this immediate striking contrast I hired this company. They actually were out to start the job the same day. They were more than good. Each one of the crew worked like the individual instruments of an orchestra – it was something to see. At the end of the work, and TOTAL clean up, I actually formed the opinion that it was a bargain. I give them my very highest recommendation.”

—Chris C.

“The oak tree, approximately 80 feet tall, had a fungus growing out of it in various places. After calling one or two other companies to get a diagnosis (neither was successful in getting anyone to look at the problem), I called Norbert at Good Morrow. We have done business with him in the past and should have called him right away. He was out to the house within a couple of hours (11:00am) and informed us that we could keep the tree, but there would be a risk of it breaking at the diseased areas. We decided to limit the risk of damage and have the tree removed. Norbert had a crew out that very same day and the tree was completely removed (stump and all) by 5:00pm. Norbert's crews are very professional in their work and they leave a very clean work site. Outside of the mulch remaining from the stump, you cannot tell there was a tree in the back yard.”

—Jeffery M.

“I've interviewed lots of services in the last 18 years of my life and this time was no exception. After speaking and interviewing 11 tree removal services, I went with Good Morrow Land Services. Norbert was exceptional in his work, interview (no BS), and communication. He is responsive and a great listener. His crew was fast, neat, and went above and beyond what's contracted because Norbert wanted to make sure our property was safe for the kids. You do get what you pay for and with Good Morrow, you get the paid for cake, and in my case, some icing too. :o) I'm done interviewing for this service in the future and i know that i'll need more help down the road because we have lots of trees on our property.”

—Kim A.

“A recent storm blew a huge oak tree on top of our garage, the tree barely touched the garage. It landed in a small area by a fence and close to our neighbor’s house. I called Good Morrow Land Services to remove the tree; I knew we needed an expert. There wasn’t any damage to anything and that could change if the tree wasn’t properly removed. I was impressed with the tree removal service men, they were very efficient in getting the tree removed and still no damage to anything.”

—Debbie M.

"Seven trees were trimmed, 2 removed and stumps ground, all within a matter of hours. Excellent cleanup and courteous, friendly staff. Will definitely use this company again.

— Mark E, Houston

"Great work. They removed three very large trees that were close to the house/gas tank/pool equipment and dog run. After cutting them down they mulched them up into mulch and piled it in a spot we picked out. I think that their prices were a little high, but they did an excellent job!

— Dorothy T, Conroe

"Very professional, was Quoted a fair price and I thought I got more than I paid for, also did the job in a timely manner. I have 3 more trees to be removed and will definitely have him return for the job. I would recommend this company to family and friends.

— Drew J., Montgomery

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